Gumdrops, chocolates, cookies, ice cream and stuff.

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Gumdrops, chocolates, cookies, ice cream and stuff.

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Salamalaikum. I don't know if you answer questions. However if you do, I have a question : is "Allah" simply the arabic word for Almighty God or is it His name? If its a revealed name how come all arabs use it, Muslim, jew, or christian?


Wa’alaikomissalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

Ma sha Allah, this is such a wonderful set of questions, let me answer them separately in sha Allah.

1) If I answer questions?

Yes, actually I do and I want to say that out loud, I don’t bite people, I do answer, but  it is just I do not want to answer directly after one reading of the queries sent to me, usually I let it stay for a day or overnight until I can compose myself and get all my thoughts in and answer properly with the Help of Allah Azza Wa Jall.

2) Is Allah simply the arabic word for Almighty God, is it a revealed name?

Allah is the Arabic word for God, this is correct.

If we go and thoroughly look and study the Arabic word “Allah” we will be directed to the actuality of what this word contains. It contains such a deep religious message because of the root meaning and origin of it. It actually stems from the Arabic verb ta’alaha or alaha which bears the meaning "to be worshipped."

Which then says that Allah means [deeper meaning] "The One who deserves all worship"- and that is tawheed right there, we can further explain this through understanding Tawheed and its Three Categories [Ar Ruboobiyyah, Al Uloohiyyah and Al Asma was Siffat].

No, it is not a revealed name, because before Islam came, again the word Allah has been present in Arabic written holy books and also this hadith would further justify it:

Abû Hurayrah relates that Allah’s Messenger Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam said: "Allah has ninety-nine names, one hundred less one, whoever comprehends them all will enter Paradise." [Sahîh al-Bukhârî (2737) and Sahîh Muslim (2677)] 

And here is the list of the revealed names, and in which verses were they revealed with or mentioned in.

3) How come all arabs use it, Muslim, jew, or christian?

All Arabs use it and those who believe in monotheism which the Prophet Abraham Alaihi Salaam has taught as they say Abrahamic Faith because it simply means God. 

Simply put it is because it is the same word that Arabic-speaking Christians and Jews use for God. If you find or see an Arabic Bible, you will actually see that Allah is used where God is used in english. 

Also another fact is that the word Allah cannot be made plural which again testifies to His Oneness.

Hence, Muslims are then by advised to call upon Allah with His Names:

“The most beautiful names belong to Allah: so call on Him by them.” (Quran, 7:180)

Alhamdulillah for this set of queries as there has been this misconception among nonMuslims and actually even at some Muslims, that they are made to believe that they worship a different God and such misconception defies the universality of God.

[Of course, the case about Jesus Christ is not applicable on this part because in Islam, Eisa [Jesus Christ] is a prophet.]

Muslims are taught to respect the words of the Torah, Bible and those that came before the Noble Qur’an and that they are all words of Allah.

And Allah knows best. 

I pray this can somehow make things clear for you, as I had such questions before myself. May Allah Azza Wa Jall continue to bless you and increase you both in ‘ilm and amal. Amin



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